Peek-A-Boo I See You 2019

I am a visual person. Living in London for years and commuting through publictransportation really trained my eyes to spot the difference in the surrounding. What always catches my eyes are those objects/ scenes/ graphics that are hidden behindor in between spaces. I find them really interesting because they are mundane but at thesame time dynamic and full of personal character. For me they are really fascinating.
In this work, my idea is to take random banal shapes from those places we would neverpay attention to, those stuff that are personal, unexpected, highly familiar or utterly disregarded. I removed them from their conventional context, using those shapes as“vocabularies”, re-compositing what's around you and putting them into a totally different context. It’s like cloud-watching or star-gazing, this illustration series wants to suggest a way of seeing, in order to make people view their surrounding from different perspective!

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