Textiles, Kinetic Sculpture


Textiles, Beads, Motors, Wood


40 x 40 x 10 cm



awarded by

Fibre Creation Award Taiwan - First prize

Randomness Is Very Hard To Achieve

“Randomness is very hard to achieve” is part of my ongoing experimental kinetic embellishment series that I have been working on since 2017.

I used both hand and machine embroidery techniques and combined with beading details, mixed with multiple materials including metal, which led the piece to interact with the motor device underneath that has magnets attached on, creating this unexpected animated effect on the surface.

In this work, taking images referenced from my sketchbook, I want to refine the definition of the "randomness", and encourage people to look for the beauty of the banal.

I am trying to look at chaos from a different perspective. In a time that is full of uncertainty, how do we search for a peaceful mind in the chaotic world, as well as embracing the chaos in the calming state? If you know the patterns that you are looking for, the chaos is actually in order.

This work was awarded “First Prize” at the Fibre Creation Award Taiwan, 2020.

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