Site-Specific Installation


Textiles, Pulley System


Dimension Variable


Taichung, Taiwan



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Everything Should Remain Possible

2020 is pretty shit not gonna lie, at this uncertain time when there is not much is going on, our lives seem to be solely composed of boring, mundane tasks which on their own seem meaningless. These dots (tasks) connect to form a line, and the line starts forming a surface, gradually forming the shape of life.

The foundation of this piece, "Everything should remain possible",  is created in response to this time, and is inspired by the quote from the situationist artist, Constant Nieuwenhuys : “Everything should remain possible; everything should be able to happen. The environment will be shaped by the activities of life, not vice versa”. In Constant's lifetime project "New Babylon'', he imagined an utopian city which changed in response to its inhabitant’s needs. The urban landscape today focuses too much on consumerism and ‘productivity’, this pandemic somehow allows us to reconsider our essential needs, and the possibilities of our living environment.

This is a site-specific installation that is activated by a pulley system. Situated in a parking lot, the installation invites passers-by to pull the ropes connected to the piece. This interaction changes the composition of the pattern of the hanging piece. If you pull it more, the pattern deconstructs and reconstructs itself eventually forming a new order.

While the piece inhabits a public space, it responds to movements; it records every interaction; the art / pattern is created by the residents; It's an open ended story and continuously in flux.

This is the result of the artist-in-residence at Island Art Park.

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