Masturbation Glossary 2018

Illustration for Céline Ducret's publication,
I Masturbate or a critical reflection on freedom’,
which is an essay which queries the idea of finding a form of freedom from the present neocapitalist world we live in.
With a hint of a smile, the book does not try to define masturbation or share techniques but focuses on how masturbation can be a positive element of our humanity and let you, reader, interpret this word, therefore experiencing your own intimate adventure.
Using interviews to gather stories rather than data, the discussion is shaped around the answers from the Voices, as being the 79 mix genders anonymous participants.
The way it is experienced by us all can remain unarticulated, undefined; their things do not necessarily need to the expressed or examined to heighten the pleasure. However, it has open the doors to challenging themes such as taboo, control over the body, norms, dualism, science, commodity of masturbation, hidden oppressions and finally potential ways of resistances.
Did you know that the following terms are referring to masturbation: Kitkat shuffle, pussitioning, embrace the plastic age (using a vibrator) or procrasturbating?

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