Storytellers 2020

This is the spotify sleeve image I created for ThirtyTigers’ beautiful playlist #Storytellers.
Here’s a short intro of the playlist:
#STORYTELLERS is a place you can listen to their music - in the bath, on a train, in the morning, at sunset, with a coffee, with a beer. They will speak to you and for you and are always to be shared.”
DO YOU KNOW: While Spotify allows record labels to pay for promotion to users, it makes it harder for independent artists and labels to have the same impact that a major label with major budget will have. Next time when you are listening to the music from the “music for you” alert that Spotify sends you, maybe you can spend the same amount of the time to discover a new song/playlist from the independent artists/ labels.

Listen, support and add to your playlist! Of course if you can afford it, buy the album!

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