Interactive Installation


Acrylics, MDF,
Pulley System


120 x 220 x 10 cm



supported by

Tell Me Your Secrets And I Will Tell You Mine

I am a visual person. Living in London for years and commuting through public transportation really trained my eyes to spot the difference in the surrounding.

This is a selection of photos I’ve been collecting for years (some are from friends cause they know I will appreciate the jokes), what always catches my eyes are those objects/ scenes/ graphics that are hidden behind or in between spaces, they are seemingly mundane but at the same time dynamic and full of humour and personal character.  

In this work, my idea is to take the shapes out of those banal/random objects from those places we would never pay attention to, those stuffs that are personal, unexpected, highly familiar or utterly disregarded.
I remove them from their conventional context, placing them into entirely new settings and changing what they have become entirely, in order to make people not only to spotlight the beauty of banal, but also reconsidering the the value of the objects we own and the space we inhabitat.
Structure wise, taking reference from the curtain, humble functional unassuming domestic furniture, as a metaphor, playing with the idea of “To hide/ to reveal”, making kinetic sculptures that creates unexpected movement within the environment.

The photos of works are taken from the exhibition Soft thoughts, at 182 art space in Tainan, Taiwan 2020, and was previously showing at the RCA degree show in London 2019.

I also developed an illustration series, Peek-A-Boo I See You, based on the findings of this project, feel free to click the link if you are looking for a dose of whimsy! 

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